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A non-profit organization that supports the artistic development of people with disabilities.

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1. Digital Library of Music in Accessible Formats

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first music library in accessible formats of Chile. This is covered by the Marrakesh treaty and by the Law 17,336,  guaranteeing access to quality material for people with disabilities who decide to register on our platform. For more information, go to the Library section in our main menu.

 2. Transcription Services Into Accessible Formats

 Chile, Música y Braille foundation has a team of content transcribers into accessible formats. This includes everything from creating material in various braille formats to producing large prints in inverted colors. We also have digital and/or physical distribution capacity nationwide. For more information, go to the Services section in our main menu.

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3. Courses and Trainings

For users who are not beneficiaries of the Marrakesh Treaty nor Law 17,336, Fundación Chile, Música y Braille has arranged a team of professionals that will provide all the support and knowledge necessary so they can create their own content in accessible formats and master the technologies involved. For more information, go to the Services section in our main menu.

Fundación Chile, Música y Braille shares accessible content for free and expeditiously to people with disabilities nationwide thanks to the fact that we adhere to Law 17,336 (Title 3, Article 71C) enacted in 1970 and to the Marrakesh Treaty (Article 4, No. 1 and 2) signed in 2013 and ratified in 2016 by the State of Chile. Both legal instruments regulate, at a national and international level, respectively, the access of blind people, with visual disabilities or with other difficulties to access printed works, whether they are in the public domain or not.

Review Law 17,336 Here
Review Marrakesh Treaty Here

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