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Chile, Musica Y Braille Library

Material in TBU Format (Text-Braille Unicode)

Our library offers free access to braille scores in text format containing alphanumeric characters and braille unicode patterns (TBU format). This allows our files to be compatible with all current text editors. They are also compatible with braille displays, embossers, and most importantly, with screen readers that make it possible to describe braille cells dot by dot.


To access our material, go to the Contact section of the main menu. Keep in mind that, in accordance with the regulations of the Marrakesh Treaty to which we adhere, the administration will request a digital copy of your disability credential.

Score Example 1

Buena Yunta
  Juan Falú









Transcribed and donated by Mauro Bernardo De Giovanni

Score Example 2


Cello Sonate Op. 4, 102, No. 1
Ludwig Van Beethoven

   Adagio ⠙⠶⠼⠓⠓ ⠼⠋⠦ 

 ⠜⠧⠉⠄⠜⠞⠑⠝⠑⠗⠁⠍⠑⠝⠞⠑⠜ ⠜⠏ ⠙⠕⠇⠉⠑

  ⠉⠁⠝⠞⠁⠃⠊⠇⠑⠜ ⠐⠙⠉⠉⠚⠊⠳⠮⠾  






Transcribed and donated by Hu Haipeng (BrailleOrch)

Online Catalog

Our online catalog currently has our best transcriptions as well as material from our strategic partners:

1. NLS at the Library at Congress (USA)

2. BrailleOrch and Open Braille Music (China)

3. The Filomen M. D'agostino Greenberg Music School (USA)

4. Partituras Mauro Bernardo de Giovanni (Argentina)

5. Música em Pontos (Brazil)

6. Música en Braille (Mexico)

Below there is an online search engine where you can interact with our catalog. It consists of three search boxes (by piece, composer, and instrument) plus a table of results of a hundred rows and two columns ("obra" and "descripción"). Finally, access your file by moving through the table and activating the link attached to its title.

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