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Our services consist of the creation of materials and
adaptations to accessible formats along with courses and training programs.
We provide a personalized service according to the needs of our users. We have a highly qualified staff who, in addition to making our materials, are users of them.

Transcription of Materials  to Accessible Formats.

We adapt content, whether in physical or digital format, to the specific needs of our blind or low vision users. Our areas of transcription include music, language, math, history, science, among others.

Our working formats are braille, graphic braille, TBU files (Text-Braille Unicode), large print and large print with inverted colors.

We carry out digital or physical shipments nationwide, as required. Get a Quote!

Blind person using computer with braille

Courses and Trainings

This service is aimed at institutions, groups or individuals who wish to acquire knowledge about the different existing braille codes and the various support technologies for people with visual disabilities (Tiflotechnology).

The details of the contents, the modality, and the extension of our courses and our  training sessions will be agreed upon with the applicant. Get a Quote!

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